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npm package that allows you to generate TypeScript declaration files from JSON Schema metadata supplied by Spring Data REST endpoints.

Getting Started


npm install spring-data-rest-json-schema-to-typescript-definitions --save-dev


Add a script named generate-model to your project’s package.json, e.g.:

  "scripts": {
    "generate-model": "node node_modules/spring-data-rest-json-schema-to-typescript-definitions/dist/index.js http://localhost:8080 ./src/app/generated-model"

The main index.js takes two arguments:

  1. The root URL of the API (http://localhost:8080 in the example above; the script automatically appends the /profile part to the URL) generated by Spring Data REST (see for more information).
  2. The directory to which the TypeScript declaration files will be written (./src/app/generated-model in the example above).

Now you can generate TypeScript declaration files from your Spring Data REST endpoints by using this command from your project’s root directory:

npm run generate-model

Built With



Apache License 2.0


Thanks to Boris Cherny whose json-schema-to-typescript package I could draw upon for creating this package.